Tanja Vucic

My name is Tanja Vucic and I have recently liaised with Premier Builders and Michael Ludlow, to build my new home.

From the very beginning, Michael was extremely helpful, patient and very prompt with all the work we needed to complete. He followed everything up for me on time and was always keeping me in the loop with where everything.

He even took time to call me on a Saturday after his family holiday to Hamilton Island that he returned from, the day before!

His skills, help and guidance have made this process so much easier to follow and to understand, I think without Michael’s hard work I would be pulling my hair out by now..!

I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for everything he has done for me during this time, and I can say with confidence that Premier Builders are a great company to work with. 

– Tanja

- Tanja Vucic