Sonia Ivanoff

I have just recently finished building with Premier Builders and would like to sincerely thank Sharon Crawford-Jones for assisting me through the building process.

She did a fantastic job and was a wonderful Consultant who always went out of her way to promptly answer any queries or requirements that I had. She made sure that the whole process went very smoothly and was completely stress free. She was extremely honest and dedicated in all of her work and always ensured that I felt comfortable with each stage of the process.

In addition, she explained everything to be very clearly and was always willing to guide me. Overall, she ensured the successful coordination and completion of my dream home.

I would like to highly recommend her to any future Clients and I really wish her all the best in her future dealings.

If you are seeking to build a new home I would definitely recommend Sharon to you as I am certain she will do an outstanding job.


- Sonia Ivanoff