Ray S

I have recently completed the deign and contract stage of my new construction of the Armadale home from Premier Builders Group. I believe I was most fortunate to be dealing with Michael Ludlow from Premier Builders Group who was my Building and Design Consultant.

Michael was absolutely great to deal with during the entire process. What I liked was that we started with a clean slate in relation to the house plans and developed a layout that perfectly suited my block and my original concept.

Michael was very helpful with the design and because of his experience came up with many good suggestions during the planing stage. In addition I found Michael to be very patient and efficient when dealing with the various plan/design changes along the way to what I believe is now a great final house plan. I look forward to the build which should start shortly.

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who is intending to build with Premier Builders Group. Michael is a pleasure to deal with and is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to planing and design as well as the contractual side of the building process. What I originally thought was going to be an arduous process actually turned out to be quite a pleasurable and stress free experience.

Ray S (Essendon)

- Ray S