Noel & Mary Hanly

RE: Work appraisal for Wayne Colomb Building and Design Consultant.

Noel and Mary Hanly purchased a property at 37 Devon Drive Blackburn North with the intention of demolishing the house and building a new property on it. We had been to many display homes but we ceased looking after we had discussions with Wayne. He soon was able to show us the type of house that would suit our block.

We were very ‘green’ about how to approach the council for permits and also how to deal with applications that involved water, electricity and gas etc. He not only got in touch with these authorities but he also completed the forms that were required and helped with other technical details.

He made very sensible alterations to our original building plans. He was brilliant in the way he went about his work and we felt he couldn’t do enough for us.

We greatly appreciated all his assistance. He is a great asset to your company.

- Noel & Mary Hanly