Maxine & John Roewer

We are in the early stages of construction of our new Premier Home building in the “Timbertop Estate” in Officer. We ask that “Premier” pass on our gratitude to Wayne Colomb, (our Building and Design Consultant), for his invaluable guidance and assistance through to this stage. His overall patience and ability to adapt our personal requirements into the original home design was amazing. Obviously, these changes had to be documented and were professionally and skillfully translated by draftsman, Ronnie Whitton. Also, Wayne’s guidance through the intimidating “contract signing” stage was amazing. Being our first “New” build, we found a great deal of the contract to be intimidating and hard to understand. Wayne again showed remarkable patience, and would clearly explain and allay all of our concerns, as well as highlighting all areas we needed fully understand and where to be proactive to maintain a fluid construction process. We genuinely find Wayne to be a thorough Professional, as well as a delightfully affable character.

- Maxine & John Roewer