Matthew, Mirella and Jake Bennett

If you are considering building a new home,  let Premier Builders Group be your first choice.

From the moment we walked into the display home in Cranbourne,  Sharon Crawford Jones, was welcoming and respectful  of our wishes. We would like to thank Sharon for her advice and guidence throughout the process of building our dream home.

Sharon shared our vision for our new home; and rather than push unrealistic purchases on us, she helped us make decisions that answered our needs. Her dedication and determination to answer all our queries  (no matter how small ) and time taken to listen to us is commendable.  Even on her days off, Sharon chased queries with the builder.

We now look forward to moving into our Dream House, of course  Sharon you are welcome for the first glass of red..

Thanking Sharon, once again for her dedication,  it’s a true testament to the service that we have received.



- Matthew, Mirella and Jake Bennett