Khanh Trinh & Guong Ha

My wife and I spent many months looking for the right builder to build our new home in Northcote. We found a nice home on the streets which had just finished building and asked the owner who build it, then we found out it was Premier Builders Group who build the home. We then made contact with them and made our first appointment. We met Michael Ludlow who was very kind and patient with us and guided us through the project from A-Z. He kept us well informed. He was very efficient with emails and phone calls and communication. It was a very pleasurable experience working with him. Without him we would be lost. I would highly recommend Michael Ludlow to anyone who would like to build their new home. Thank you so much for your hard work Michael and guided us through our project. We really appreciated your help and patience and now i look forward to see my new home very soon.

- Khanh Trinh & Guong Ha