Effie Weller

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Sharon Crawford Jones. I came to know Sharon around June 2014, when I had called a phone number for Premier Builders Group, looking at wanting some information in order to build. From that day Sharon has been by my side through my building process and has made it personal to her that this experience for me is a positive one.

I’ve never known anyone quite like Sharon. She will go beyond her requirements in her role, she has vested interest and genuinely wants to

help and provide an exceptional service.¬†She has a personality that people are drawn to and is open and honest. Her ability to get along with people and her colleagues is to be applauded, people around her want to do the best for her as that’s what she brings out in others.

Her dedication to come into the office and stay the extra hours to accommodate her clients and call you on her days off is rare. Sharon is a dedicated, personable, loyal person who enjoys her work and that is shown when she comes into contact with others.

I have made an amazing friend out of making a phone call all those months ago and I feel very fortunate to have her in my life. I don’t believe I would have pursued building my home if it wasn’t for Sharon.

I believe Sharon would be an asset to any team and in any role she pursues, she has a can do attitude and nothing is too difficult.

I wish Sharon all the very best in her future endeavours.

– Effie Weller

- Effie Weller