Amanda Gray

Wayne, I am writing to express my gratitude and  appreciation of you and your professional skills. I was well aware that you have exceptional people skills, but talking with others building in my area, I am even more appreciative of the service you provided. As you know, for reasons beyond anyones control, the pre contract stage dragged on and on. That gave me plenty of time to second guess every decision, investigate every stray thought, and ask more than a million questions, not all of them sensible. You were at all times polite, friendly and informative, and did your best to talk me through my ideas, even the less sane ones, in a respectful fashion, that gave me the chance to see they maybe weren’t the best ideas, and when I dug my heels in you found ways to make them work without ever making me feel like I was being a pain. You are a credit to your company and a pleasure to deal with. Again, I thank you, and I hope your superiors appreciate the gem you are.

Best wishes for the future, and I’ll see you at my house warming ( I prefer shiraz)

– Amanda Gray

- Amanda Gray